Faesnor S.L.

Manufacturer of mechanical components of all kinds of metal and special steels.


Since 1994 we offer the maximum technology level what has led to participate in the important industrial sectors such as steel-, cement-, paper production, sewage treatment plants and others.

Company Premises

Our plot of land consists of 7,500 m² with a covered area of 4,500 m² and a large office area.


Faesnor is a company that is committed to quality, speed, good service, guaranteed delivery times and very competitive prices. Despite working based on structured processes, we have the flexibility to react to changes arising from the needs of our customers.

Great professionals

Faesnor counts with a staff made of high-level professionals, certified and qualified personnel at your service.

Quality, flexibility and customer service

Our philosophy is focused to carry out with speed and guaranteed quality all the orders entrusted to us. Faesnor builds equipment and elements for very diverse sectors of the industry.

80% of our projects are for the international market.


We cover the
entire value chain

We build with the most advanced technology for the nuclear, thermal, hydraulic, renewable energy, chemical, petrochemical, steel, metallurgical, automotive, cement, mining and other industries.

Some examples of products:

  • Lifting columns.
  • Furnaces.
  • Vaporizing machines.
  • Tanks.
  • Cisterns.
  • Filtering machines.

High value customers

Our company philosophy is based on three fundamentals: flexibility when dealing with very diverse projects, strict adherence to delivery deadlines, and the proven quality of our work. Thanks to the years of experience accumulated, we have earned the trust of first-class customers worldwide.